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College Catalog 2024-2025 
College Catalog 2024-2025

Dance Minor

Minor Requirements

The Dance minor consists of 24 credits. Students must fulfill the following requirements:

One Introductory course from the following:

THDA 105 - Seeing Performance in the Twin Cities , or
THDA 113 - The Power of the Dancing Body   

One course in Performance Design and Technologies from the following:
THDA 125 - Technologies of Performance  
THDA 145 - Make-Up Design and Application  
THDA 225 - Technologies of Performance II  
THDA 232 - Crafting the Tangible 
THDA 235 - Fundamentals of Scenography 
THDA 255 - Lighting Design  
THDA 285 - Costume Design 
THDA 287 - Creative Technologies: Tools of Performance Design   
THDA 375 - Set Design  

Sixteen (16) elective credits from the following:
THDA 21 - Dances of the African Diaspora I  
THDA 22 - Beginning Ballet 
THDA 31 - Dances of the African Diaspora II  
THDA 41 - Modern Dance I 
THDA 42 - Advanced Ballet 
THDA 44 - Modern Dance III 
THDA 54 - Modern Dance IV  
THDA 51 - Beginning Ballet  
THDA 53 - Intermediate Ballet  
THDA 80 - Performance Practice  
THDA 81 - Technical Practice  
THDA 113 - The Power of the Dancing Body  
THDA 215 - Dance History: Reading the Dancing Body  
THDA 217 - Gender and Race Theory in Performance 
THDA 221 - Dance Composition  
THDA 222 - ADD
THDA 230 - The Art of Play: Action, Invention, and Chaos  
THDA 345 - Performance Histories and Theories   
THDA 250 - Experiential Anatomy and the Mind Body Connection 

Students may not use the same set of courses for the major or different minors in the department, with the exception of required introductory courses. Minors are also welcome to enroll in the Senior Seminar (THDA 490  ) if they are interested in scholarly research.

Topic courses may be considered towards the major. Any course that the Theater and Dance Department offers may count as an elective. Check with your advisor to ask about specific courses. In the case of transfer and study away courses, majors and minors should submit a copy of the syllabus and explanation to the Department Coordinator for THDA faculty consideration. International Baccalaureate (IB) courses do not count toward the major or minors. Higher level (HL) IB courses may be submitted to the Registrar for college credit consideration.