Sep 21, 2021  
College Catalog 2021-2022 
College Catalog 2021-2022

Computer Science Major

Major Requirements

  1. Three introductory courses, taken in sequence. Students with prior experience should determine proper placement in this sequence in consultation with program faculty. Students prepared to skip this entire sequence must take a fourth advanced elective.
  2. Three supporting math/stat courses: MATH 279 , and any two additional math/stat courses, numbered 135 or above, taken at Macalester.
  3. Three core courses: COMP 221 , COMP 225  and COMP 240  
  4. Two advanced elective courses in computer science, numbered 300-499;
  5. One additional advanced computer science course numbered 300-499, designated as a capstone, which must be taken prior to spring semester of the senior year;
  6. Pass the project component of the capstone course, and pass the capstone presentation requirement.

    Mathematics and statistics courses that support a Computer Science major particularly well include: STAT 155 , MATH 236  STAT 253 , MATH 313 , MATH 365  and MATH 379 .

    Students who plan to attend graduate school in computer science are encouraged to take COMP 361 , more than the minimum number of computer science electives, as well as additional supporting work in related disciplines.

    Students planning a Computer Science major who enter Macalester without prior experience should take COMP 123  in their first year.