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College Catalog 2018-2019 
College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theater Major

Requirements of the Theater Major

NOTE: Effective Spring 2018, the Theater major is no longer available and may not be declared. Interested students should refer to the Theater and Dance major.

Introduction to the Fields (2 courses)

THDA 105 - Seeing Performance in the Twin Cities 
or THDA 110 - Introduction to the Study of Performance  
FY, Fall
THDA 120 - Acting I   Fall, Spring

The Materials of the Spectacle (2 courses)

THDA 125 - Technical Theater   Fall, Spring
THDA 235 - Fundamentals of Scenography   Fall

Embodied Research: Histories, Methods, Praxes (2 courses)

THDA 310 - Theatre Methods: Shakespeare to Viewpoints   Alternating Fall
THDA 350 - Directing and Devising: Making Meaning on the Stage   Spring

Depth of Expertise (2 courses)

Two (2) courses chosen in consultation with the academic advisor, which allow the student to prepare for a capstone project in an area of emphasis: acting; design; theatre and performance studies; stage management; playwrighting; technical theatre; directing.

Other regularly-offered courses in theatre and dance may be taken by students toward the development of an emphasis in the major. The range of courses here includes:

THDA 220 - Voice and Speech   Spring
THDA 230 - Physical Approaches   Alternating Fall
THDA 360 - Acting II   Spring
THDA 145 - Make-Up Design and Application   Spring
THDA 255 - Lighting Design   Spring
THDA 465 - Advanced Lighting Design   Spring
THDA 475 - Advanced Scene Design   Fall
THDA 210 - Community-Based Theatres   Alternating Spring
THDA 242 - Intorduction to Playwriting and Textual Analysis   Alternating Spring
THDA 262 - Performing Feminisms   Alternating Spring
THDA 263 - African American Theatre   Alternating Spring
THDA 265 - The Oral History Project   Alternating Spring

THDA 614 - Independent Project  This is a good option for work in directing, playwrighting, stage management and other areas where students need to do closely-mentored work in preparation for their capstone.

Alternating Spring

Advanced Theatre Scholarship (1 course)

THDA 489 - Seminar in Performance Theory and Practice   Fall

Advanced Production and Collaboration

THDA 490 - Capstone: Senior Research Collective  

A variable-credit (1-4) year long seminar for all THDA majors in advanced research and production techniques.


To complete the Major in Theatre, three 1-credit practicum credits must be earned during the student’s four years and be distributed among several areas, to maximize skills development and experience in: performance (acting, dancing), craft (costume, lighting, sound, scenic, props), management (stage management, production management, running crew) and creative development (choreography, assistant directing, dramaturgy, design). These practicum credits are academic credits, graded, and earned in production settings where there are syllabi, learning contracts and grading rubrics.

1.  THDA 75 - Practicum in Performance  or THDA 76 - Practicum in Scenery/Lighting/Costume Construction  

2.  THDA 77 - Practicum in Running Crew  

3.  THDA 78 - Practicum in Advanced Production Techniques  

4. THDA 79 - Practicum in Choreography