Sep 27, 2020  
College Catalog 2020-2021 
College Catalog 2020-2021

2020-2021 Calendar

Fall Semester 2020

August 28 - September 1/Friday - Tuesday New Student Orientation
September 2/Wednesday Upperclass Validation
September 2/Wednesday Classes Begin
September 7/Monday Labor Day-No Classes
September 11/Friday Last Day to Validate; Register: Add/Drop/Audit a Class 
October 20/Tuesday Follow the Thursday Class Schedule for Fall Break Week
October 22 - October 25/Thursday - Sunday Fall Break
October 26/Monday Mid-Term Grades Due
October 26 - November 6/Monday - Friday Grading Option Declaration Period
November 6/Friday Last Day to Withdraw from a Class
November 16 - December 4/Monday - Friday Spring 2021 Registration
November 25 - 29/Wednesday - Sunday Thanksgiving Break
December 11/Friday Classes End
December 12 - 14/Saturday - Monday Study Days
December 15 - 18/Tuesday - Friday Final Examination Period
December 29/Tuesday Final Grades Due

Spring Semester 2021

January 21/Thursday Validation
January 21/Thursday Classes Begin
January 21/Thursday Work Due for Fall 2020 Incompletes
February 5/Friday Last Day to Validate; Register: Add/Drop/Audit a Class
March 13 - 21/Saturday - Sunday Spring Break
March 22/Monday Mid-Term Grades Due
March 22 - April 2/Monday - Friday Grading Option Declaration Period
April 2/Friday Last Day to Withdraw from a Class
April 19 - 30/Monday - Friday Fall 2021 Registration
May 3/Monday Classes End
May 4 - 5/Tuesday - Wednesday Study Days
May 6 - 10/Thursday - Monday Final Examination Period (includes Saturday)
May 13/Thursday Final Grades Due (by noon)
May 15/Saturday Baccalaureate
May 15/Saturday Commencement
July 1/Thursday Work Due for Spring 2021 Incompletes