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College Catalog 2011-2012 
College Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major

Major Requirements

The women’s, gender, and sexuality studies major consists of at least 12 courses (48 credits) of which at least 6 courses (24 credits) are WGSS core courses taught by core faculty.

  1. At least one 100-level (introductory) core course;
  2. WGSS 200 - Feminist/Queer Theories and Methodologies ;
  3. One course in historical depth in women’s/gender/sexual politics and culture (Criteria for Core Courses apply to this course when taught by non-core faculty);
  4. Four courses from College-wide offerings that must include approved cross-listed courses and may include WGSS core courses, planned with the WGSS advisor and the WGSS chair, and taken in one of the following thematic groupings: a) (Trans)National Women’s/LGBTQI Histories and Genealogies OR b) Gender/Sexuality/Race/Class/Culture and Representation OR c) Theories and Philosophies OR d) Feminisms and Social or Political Change OR e) Gender/Sexuality/Race/Class/Culture and the Science/Technologies;
  5. Remaining electives may be from Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies core courses and/or cross-listed courses;
  6. WGSS 300 - Advanced Feminist/Queer Theories and Methodologies ;
  7. WGSS 400 - Senior Seminar: Linking Theory and Practice  or WGSS 405 - Senior Seminar: Topics ;
  8. The major may include up to the equivalent of 4 credit hours from a study-away or study-abroad program; and
  9. The major may consist of no more than 8 credit hours of independent studies and 4 credit hours of internship. The department strongly  recommends civic engagement and other community work.