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College Catalog 2011-2012 
College Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance Minor

Minor Requirements

The dance minor consists of 24 credits, including an accumulation of 8 technique and practicum classes (1 credit each) and 4 academic courses (4 credits each).

  1. An accumulation of 8 (1) credit classes, combining technique and practicum credits. Three courses are required: THDA 31 - Dance Improvisation  and at least one level of Modern Technique (THDA 41 , THDA 42 , or THDA 43 ), and THDA 05 - Dance Practicum in Production . The remaining 5 classes are chosen by the student and would include: technique classes, dance practica, choreography for a concert, and/or dance in a faculty-choreographed piece. Students should contact the dance instructors for advice concerning choice of technique classes.
  2. Four (4) credit academic courses. Three courses are required: THDA 115 - Cultures of Dance , at least one level of Dance Composition (THDA 121  or THDA 341 ), and  THDA 250 - Experiential Anatomy and the Mind Body Connection . The remaining course is chosen by the student from among the following: THDA 125 - Technical Theater  or   or