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College Catalog 2011-2012 
College Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Minor

Minor Requirements

The minor in music will consist of 24 semester hours in classroom courses, plus studio instruction and ensemble participation, and the

 . All courses other than MUSI 112  may count toward the minor. A normal music minor track for course work can be accomplished in five semesters or spread out over 4 years: With careful planning, a music minor can be completed in two years. MUSI 113  should be taken no later than the fall of the 3rd year. A minor in music must include:

  • Two theory courses from MUSI 113 , MUSI 114 , MUSI 213 , MUSI 314 
  • Two Music History/Literature courses, one of which must be MUSI 342  or MUSI 343 , and one of which must be in non-Western music.
  • Two or more additional electives for at least 8 credits.
  • Studio instruction for four semesters.
  • Ensemble participation for a minimum of four semesters, two of which must be in a “large” ensemble (see Music Ensembles).
  • MUSI 99 - Piano Proficiency Exam