Jul 21, 2024  
College Catalog 2023-2024 
College Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Indigenous Studies Concentration

Structure of the Concentration

A concentration in Global Indigenous Studies requires six courses. These six courses must come from at least three different departments with no more than two courses from any single department. Students may not have more than two courses in common with another major, minor, or concentration that they complete. Students are encouraged to take classes that cover multiple geographic regions, chronological periods, and divisions. These courses could be derived from the list below or students may petition to have additional classes count toward the concentation, including up to one from study away, or an internship with approval of the director. 

AMST 231 - Sovereignty Matters: Critical Indigeneity, Gender and Governance  
AMST 237 - Environmental Justice  
AMST 284 - Radical Reelism: Indigeneity, Politics, and Visual Culture  
ANTH 259 - Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic 
ANTH 270 - Cultural Resource Management 
ART 375 - Race, Ethnicity, Class, and Gender in American Art  
BIOL 485 - Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene: An International Perspective  
EDUC 240 - Race, Culture, and Ethnicity in Education  
EDUC 380 - Research Methods for Education and Advocacy  
ENVI 234 - U.S. Environmental History  
GEOG 242 - Regional Geography of the US and Canada  
HIST 222 - Imagining the American West 
HIST 225 - Native History to 1871 
HIST 226 - American Indian History since 1871 
HIST 281 - The Andes: Landscape and Power  
LING 206 - Endangered/Minority Languages  
LING 225 - 100 Words for Snow: Language and Nature 
SOCI 280 - Indigenous Peoples’ Movements in Global Context  
SPAN 316 - Mapping the New World: Exploration, Encounters, and Disasters  
INTL 415 - Cultural Resistance and Survival: Indigenous and African Peoples in Early Spanish America  

Topics courses (194/294/394/494) may also count toward the concentration with permission of the director.