Sep 30, 2023  
College Catalog 2023-2024 
College Catalog 2023-2024

Music Minor

Minor Requirements

A minor in music will consist of a mix of courses, ensemble participation, studio lessons, and keyboard skills instruction.


5 courses, and 4 performance units of ensemble, lesson, and/or keyboard skills. One of these units must be ensemble, and one of these units must be lesson. Details for each of these requirements follow below.  A performance unit is defined as two contiguous semesters of participation in the same ensemble or in lessons on the same instrument (usually fall-spring, but spring-fall is possible). 


5 courses are required, including MUSI 113 , and 4 courses drawn from at least two out of three categories (see below).  MUSI 113   is the gateway course to the minor, and should be taken as early as possible. (Students who place out of MUSI 113  may take MUSI 214  instead; placements are determined by the department.)

The three course categories, with their associated courses, are: 
Group 1 - Theory/Composition (MUSI 153 MUSI 154 MUSI 211 MUSI 214 MUSI 233 MUSI 361  + approved topics)
Group 2 - History/Literature (MUSI 131 MUSI 155 MUSI 205 MUSI 254 MUSI 264 MUSI 342 MUSI 343 MUSI 344  + approved topics)
Group 3 - Critical/Interdisciplinary (MUSI 180 MUSI 220 MUSI 225 MUSI 354 MUSI 370 MUSI 405 MUSI 425  + approved topics)

All music courses count towards the music minor with the following exceptions:

1. MUSI 110   (Introduction to Western Classical Music) DOES NOT count towards the music major or minor

2. MUSI 111   (World Music), while not considered the most appropriate course for music majors/minors, may count towards the major/minor with approval of the Department Chair.


A total of 4 performance units is required. One of these units must be ensemble participation, and one unit must be in lessons. The rest may be ensemble, lesson, or keyboard skills.


Minors must complete 1 performance unit (2 semesters) of ensemble participation. Credits will be awarded at the completion of each performance unit (every two semesters). Minors are encouraged to participate in ensembles for their entire time in the department.


Minors must complete 1 performance unit (2 semesters) of studio lesson instruction. A Performance Review (juried final exam) shall take place each semester that lessons are taken. Participation on one Thursday Noon shared recital per year is required when lessons are taken. Credits will be awarded at the completion of each performance unit (every two semesters)

Keyboard Skills

All minors are required to take one or two semesters of MUSI 98  (Keyboard Skills) depending on placement. If both semesters are taken contiguously, then it counts as one performance unit. The first semester normally will be taken concurrently with MUSI 113 ; students with advanced standing may start at another approved time.