Dec 08, 2022  
College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023

French and Francophone Studies Major

Major Requirements

A major in French consists of a minimum of nine courses beyond FREN 204  to include: a) FREN 306 ; b) one other 300-level bridge course (FREN 305 FREN 308 , FREN 309  or FREN 310 ; c) six advanced courses (300- and 400- level), including: one upper-level course on a period preceding the 20th century (depending on the topic this could be, for example, FREN 440 , FREN 445  or FREN 451 ); one  course on a francophone region (depending on the topic this could be, for example, FREN 403 FREN 404 , FREN 405  or FREN 406 ); one French or Francophone culture course (depending on the topic this could be, for example, FREN 320 FREN 331 , FREN 402  or FREN 475 ); d) the senior capstone requirement; e) an appropriate study abroad experience as approved by the department. Update regarding the Pandemic: As long as our Study Abroad programs cannot take place due to pandemic-related travel limitations, our Major requirement for a study abroad experience is suspended. All French  majors and students who want to study away in France or in a francophone country should consult with the Chair of the department regarding available alternatives that will support their study of language and culture.

Senior Assessment

During the senior year, majors will be required to demonstrate proficiency in language, literature and culture by successfully completing a series of evaluations as outlined in departmental materials. These evaluations form part of the senior capstone requirement.