Dec 09, 2022  
College Catalog 2022-2023 
College Catalog 2022-2023

Chinese Language and Culture Major

Chinese Language and Culture Major Requirements

In consultation with an advisor from within the department, students develop a major plan with a focus on Chinese language and culture. All majors will include no fewer than 8 courses (32 credits), with the following requirements:

1. Language Proficiency

Students must attain proficiency in Chinese equivalent to the level upon completion of CHIN 407 . The following courses may be counted toward the language proficiency portion of the major: CHIN 203 , CHIN 204 , CHIN 305 , CHIN 306 , CHIN 407 , and CHIN 408 . The following courses may not be counted toward the major: CHIN 101  and CHIN 102 . There is no minimum number of language courses a student must take in order to satisfy the requirements of the major. Students who test out of CHIN 407  may complete the requirement by taking China-related content courses.

2. China-Focused Culture Courses

A minimum of four China-Focused Content Courses must be taken. Examples include courses on Chinese literature, film, history, art history, music history, geography, religion, linguistics. 

  • At least two courses must focus on Chinese literature or film. At least one of these courses must be taken at Macalester and have the prefix of CHIN (this does not include the capstone).
  • At least one of the four courses must - in consultation with the department chair - provide historical depth.

3. Study Away

All majors must study away for one semester at an approved institution in mainland China or Taiwan. With department chair approval, courses taken as part of the study away program may substitute for some major requirements.

4. Capstone Course or Honors Thesis

The capstone must be done at Macalester.