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College Catalog 2019-2020 
College Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilization

Structure of the Concentration

A concentration in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies consists of six (6) courses. Students must also complete a related project, which may be done as a research paper, internship, civic engagement project or artistic work and may be a part of any course (not necessarily one of the required six) or an extracurricular activity.

Up to two study away courses may count toward the completion of the concentration. In order to ensure interdisciplinarity, no more than three courses from a single department will be accepted. Additionally, up to two courses in a Middle Eastern or Islamicate language may be used toward the six required courses.

Courses that count toward the concentration include but are not limited to the list below. Other courses may count toward the completion of the concentration with the approval of the director.

ART 280 - Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt 
ART 281 - Art and Architecture of Ancient Near East 
ART 282 - Art and Architecture of the Islamic World  
ART 284 - Art and Architecture of Byzantium and Medieval Europe  
CLAS 117 - Elementary Hebrew I  
CLAS 130 - Early Arab and Persian Empires  
CLAS 135 - India and Rome  
CLAS 145 - Pagans, Christians and Jews in Classical Antiquity: Cultures in Conflict  
CLAS 214 - Elementary Arabic II  
CLAS 218 - Elementary Hebrew II  
CLAS 237 - Intermediate Hebrew I  
CLAS 241 - Intermediate Arabic I  
CLAS 338 - Intermediate Hebrew II  
CLAS 342 - Intermediate Arabic II  
CLAS 345 - Arabic Reading and Translation  
INTL 485 - Senior Seminar: Confronting Global Hatred  
RELI 100 - Introduction to Islam: Formation and Expansion  
RELI 102 - Modern Islam  
RELI 120 - The Jewish Bible  
RELI 200 - The Qur’an and the Prophet  
RELI 233 - Hindus and Muslims  
POLI 222 - Regional Conflict/Security  
SOCI 290 - Islam and the West