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College Catalog 2018-2019 
College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Minor

Minor Requirements

The minor in music will consist of 24 semester hours in classroom courses, plus studio instruction and ensemble participation, and the

 . A normal music minor track for course work can be accomplished in five semesters or spread out over 4 years: With careful planning, a music minor can be completed in two years. MUSI 113  should be taken no later than the fall of the 3rd year. A minor in music must include:

  • Two theory courses from MUSI 113 , MUSI 114 , MUSI 213 , MUSI 314  
  • Two Music History/Literature courses, one of which must be MUSI 342  or MUSI 343 , and one of which must be in non-Western music.
  • Two or more additional electives for at least 8 credits.
  • All Music courses count towards the Music major/minor with the following exceptions:
    1.   (Music Appreciation) DOES NOT count towards the Music major or minor
    2.   (World Music), while not considered the most appropriate course for Music majors/minors, may count towards the major/minor with approval of the Department Chair.
  • Studio instruction for four semesters, including a performance review on the primary instrument at the end of each semester in which lessons are taken, and participation in one Thursday Noon recital per academic year in which lessons are taken.
  • Ensemble participation for a minimum of four semesters, two of which must be in one of the following: Orchestra, Mac Jazz Band, Concert Choir, Macalester Chorale, or African Music Ensemble.
  • MUSI 99 - Piano Proficiency Exam