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College Catalog 2018-2019 
College Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geology Major

Major Requirements

The requirements for a major in geology are: 37 credits in geology, and three supporting science courses. The 37 credits in geology must include GEOL 160 , GEOL 165 , GEOL 250 , GEOL 255 , GEOL 260 , GEOL 265  and GEOL 450  (for a total of 25 credits), and 12 credits of electives. Of the required electives, 8 credits must be derived from GEOL 300 GEOL 302 GEOL 303  or GEOL 304 . The three supporting science courses must include CHEM 111  one of the following: MATH 135 , MATH 137 , or higher level calculus, or MATH 155  or higher level statistics. One additional science course can be selected from CHEM 112 , MATH 253 , PHYS 113  or PHYS 226 , or BIOL 265 , BIOL 270 , BIOL 285 , or GEOG 225  or GEOG 365  (consult your advisor for additional options). Additional information about sub-disciplines (environmental geology, glaciology, mineralogy, petrology, structure, geophysics, paleobiology, sedimentology, stratigraphy) and suggested electives is available from the faculty in geology.

All geology majors must complete a capstone project under the guidance of one or more geology faculty.  The geology capstone provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their skills in relation to a question of geological significance.  In consultation with their capstone advisor, students are encouraged to enroll in GEOL 400 - Capstone Research Methods.  In order to fulfill the capstone requirement, students must (1) complete a multi-draft paper that includes significant review of the primary literature and that ideally includes some component of original research (although research is not a requirement - a high quality literature review is acceptable).  Completion of an honors thesis also satisfies the written component of the capstone requirement in geology.  Students must also (2) present their paper/thesis to their professors and peers at the annual Geology Capstone/Honors Thesis Symposium event, which is scheduled in April of the spring semester.  All geology seniors are required to attend this event.