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College Catalog 2011-2012 
College Catalog 2011-2012 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

Core Faculty: David Chioni Moore (Chair; International Studies and English), Amanda Ciafone (International Studies), Nadya Nedelsky (International Studies), Ahmed Samatar (International Studies), Christy Hanson (International Studies), James von Geldern (Russian and International Studies)

Part Time Faculty: Wendy Weber (Political Science and International Studies)

In International Studies, we hold this:

  1. All things are connected; no place, person, phenomenon, text or tale exists alone.
  2. Borders (national, regional, continental, physical, legal and more) fix and separate, just as they are regularly crossed and redrawn.
  3. Categories (racial, ethnic, sexual, cultural, religious and more) matter, are inevitably produced, often conflict, and regularly overlap.
  4. History and ideologies flow forward, are retrospectively revised, and are eternally contested.
  5. Humans and their institutions emerge from the earth, but now exercise troubled dominion over it.
  6. Despite human power, too many people are poor and lack autonomy and rights, subject to powerful institutions and discourses only marginally under their control.

In this context, and in the context of Macalester’s internationalist commitments, we aim to educate cosmopolitan young people, across geographies and fields, strongly equipped and powerfully inclined to understand the world and seek positive change. Key concepts which animate our interdisciplinary venture include globalization, hybridity, diversity, and interconnection.

The international studies major provides an understanding of transnational and intercultural global relations through work in international studies and allied departments. We aim to provide students:

  1. familiarity with geographical, cultural, political, economic, literary, scientific and historical approaches to global issues;
  2. working knowledge of the methodologies central to the participating humanities and social science departments;
  3. an international experience through an appropriate study abroad program;
  4. competency in a second language, at least equivalent to six semesters of college-level work.

General Distribution Requirement:

The following coures count toward the general distribution requirement in social science: 

  , INTL 113 , INTL 114 , INTL 225 , INTL 245 , INTL 253 , INTL 269 , INTL 280 INTL 282 , INTL 285 , INTL 323 , INTL 325 , INTL 333 , INTL 345  , INTL 362 , INTL 368 , INTL 372 INTL 382 , INTL 477 , INTL 480  and INTL 485 . The following courses count toward the general distribution requirement in humanities: INTL 111 , INTL 112 , INTL 202 , INTL 265 , INTL 272 , INTL 286 , INTL 288 , INTL 317 , INTL 322 , INTL 364 , INTL 367 , INTL 381 , INTL 384 , INTL 415  and INTL 488 . The following course counts toward the general distribution requirement in fine arts:  .  Some topics courses (INTL 194 , INTL 294 , INTL 394 , INTL 494 ), as approved by the department, may also count toward the distribution requirements.

General Education Requirements

Courses that meet the general education requirements in writing, quantitative thinking, internationalism and multiculturalism will be posted on the Registrar’s web page in advance of registration for each semester.

Additional information regarding the general distribution requirement and the general education requirements can be found in the graduation requirements  section of this catalog.

Honors Program:

International studies participates in the honors program, and encourages high performing students to do so. Eligibility requirements, application procedures and specific guidelines are available on the department website.

Topics Courses

INTL 194 , INTL 294 , INTL 394 , INTL 494 

Selected topics and new courses in globalization and world studies, not included among regular catalog offerings. To be announced at registration. (4 credits)

Independent Study

The department offers independent study options in the form of tutorials, independent projects, internships, preceptorships and Honors independent projects. For more information contact the department and review the Curriculum  section of the catalog.