Jun 19, 2024  
College Catalog 2019-2020 
College Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Food, Agriculture, and Society

Steering Committee: Karin Aguilar San Juan (American Studies), Arjun Guneratne (Anthropology), Ruthann Godollei (Art and Art History), Michael Anderson (Biology), Paul Schadewald (Civic Engagement Center), Amy Damon (Economics), Roopali Phadke (Environmental Studies), Bill Moseley (Geography, Director), Kelly MacGregor (Geology), Joelle Vitiello (French and Francophone Studies), Michael Zis (Political Science), Jaine Strauss (Psychology), Suzanne Savanick Hansen (Sustainability Office)

The interdepartmental program in Food, Agriculture and Society offers a six-course, interdisciplinary concentration involving core and supporting courses as well as an internship. The program exposes students to the social and biophysical aspects of complex food and agricultural questions. It aims to produce graduates who: 1) understand the fundamentals of food and agricultural systems; 2) have broad interdisciplinary training on the theme of food, agriculture and society; and 3) are able to connect their interdisciplinary training on food, agriculture and society to real word experiences and application.