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College Catalog 2016-2017 
College Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physical Education

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Full Time Staff: Jay Anderson, Deanna Brabant, Jesse Campos, Kim Chandler (Director of Athletics), Michele Cornish, Marc Davies, Bob Dignazio, Annie Doman, Betsy Emerson, Courtney Euerle, Jody Gabriel, Liz Garms, Margaret Gehring, Jordi Gerking, Mike Hall, Matthew Haugen, Tony Jennison, Mike Madigan, Matt McLagan, Jason Muhl, Marshall Mullenbach, Steve Murray, Paula Natvig, Gregg Olson, Ron Osterman, Matt Parington, Scott Reed, James Rosenbury, Kelly Roysland, Tucker Weisman, Beth Whittle, Tim Whittle, Vanessa Seljeskog (Associate Director/PE Chair)

The department of physical education provides students with the opportunity to develop or improve skills in activity classes and/or compete in a wide range of recreational, intramural, club and intercollegiate sports.

The varsity athletic teams are members of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA Division III). Varsity sports for men include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, swimming and diving, tennis, and indoor and outdoor track and field. Varsity sports for women include basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, indoor and outdoor track and field, water polo, and volleyball.

Club sports include: M/W crew, M/W Climbing, M/W ice hockey, M/W Nordic skiing, M/W rugby, M/W ultimate Frisbee, co-ed volleyball, men’s water polo and women’s lacrosse.

Intramural competition is available in a wide variety of sport activities throughout the school year. Team sports have men’s, women’s and co-ed schedules. Individual sports have men’s and women’s singles, doubles and co-ed doubles tournaments.

Activity Courses

A variety of activity classes are offered through the department of physical education. Students may earn a maximum of four credits toward graduation for participating in four different physical education activity classes. Each class is one credit and all activity classes are graded S/NC. Some activity classes may have a participation fee.

Water Activities                               
PE 01 - Swimming I   PE 31 - Scuba Diving  
PE 11 - Swimming II   PE 41 - Lifeguard Training  
PE 21 - Swim for Fitness   PE 51 - Aqua Aerobics  
Lifetime Activities  
PE 02 - Tennis I   PE 15 - Fencing II  
PE 03 - Beginning Social Dance   PE 16 - Yoga II  
PE 04 - Karate I    
PE 05 - Fencing I   PE 18 - Pilates  
PE 06 - Yoga I   PE 19 - Conditioning II  
PE 07 - Personal Health and Wellness   PE 20 - Weight Training  
PE 08 - Step Aerobics   PE 22 - Badminton  
PE 09 - Conditioning    
PE 10 - Racquetball I   PE 25 - Triathlon Training  
PE 26 - Tai Chi Chuan  
PE 12 - Tennis II   PE 27 - Cardio Fitness  
PE 13 - Intermediate Social Dance   PE 28 - Pilates II  
PE 14 - Karate II   PE 30 - Golf  
PE 33 - Salsa Dance  
PE 40 - Self Defense  
PE 43 - Salsa II  
PE 50 - Tae Kwon Do  
PE 61 - Water Polo  
PE 90 - Independent Study -Students with instructor sponsorship may design their own activity course.


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