Nov 30, 2023  
College Catalog 2015-2016 
College Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HISP 388 - Hispanic Studies Junior Seminar

Course objectives:

The Hispanic Studies Junior Seminar provides an opportunity for Hispanic Studies majors and minors to have professional and personal engagement with all of the faculty members in the department. A primary objective of the course is to create community and stimulate lively intellectual discussion between students and faculty before the senior year.

Course requirements:

Each faculty member or pair of faculty members will present on a significant literary, cultural, linguistic or theoretical concept in their area of specialty. The reading requirement will be carefully considered and consistent with a one-credit hour course. Students are expected to read the indicated text and contribute to commentary and criticism of the text in group discussions.

Course evaluation:

The course will be evaluated S/N only (pass/fail) but students will benefit enormously from the engagement with faculty members and their peers, familiarization with the discipline and the formation of a sense of community within the department. Prerequisite(s): Hispanic Studies majors and minors only. Every semester. (1 Credits)