Mar 20, 2018  
College Catalog 2014-2015 
College Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LATI 342 - Urban Politics of Latin America

Cross-Listed as POLI 342 
Democratic elections have penetrated metropolitan Latin America, offering the urban poor new avenues for demand making. In this research seminar, we will explore how the changing rules of political competition affect urban struggles for land, racial equality, and municipal representation. The course focuses on mayoral elections, urban segregation, informal communities, and social movements in major cities such as Caracas, Lima, Mexico City, Montevideo, Porto Alegre, and São Paulo. Major student responsibilities include seminar leadership roles, a research project, and presentation of your findings in a public colloquium. For students with previous coursework in Latin American or urban politics. Every year. (4 Credits)